Wednesday, February 9, 2022

German Bishops Call for Women Priests , See Video of Women Priests by Donna Panaro ARCWP


                                  (Music: I Am Willing by Holly Near, Video by Donna Panaro ARCWP)

Twenty years ago, 7 women were ordained as Roman Catholic Women Priests in a historic ordination on the Danube. 

For 20 years, our prophetic movement for justice and equality has offered the Church a new renewed model of priesthood in inclusive, people-empowered communities and ministries.

 Now, 20 years later, in a gathering of a worldwide Synod, the German Bishops are calling for women priests! 

"…On the second day, they supported texts calling for the ordination of women priests, for priestly celibacy to be optional in the Latin Church, and lay involvement in the election of new bishops.

On the last day, participants endorsed a total of four documents.

The text “Magisterial statements on conjugal love” was accepted for further consideration by 169 votes to 30, with 6 abstentions. 

The document, which also calls for alterations to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, says: “Spouses take responsibility for the timing of becoming parents, for the number of their children as well as the various methods of family planning. This is done in mutual respect and personal conscience.”

“In this sense, in the Catechism should be amended: 2366 and 23672396 (conjugal fertility), 2368-23702399 (regulation of conception).”

The last text approved on Feb. 5, the “Basic order of serving in the Church,” appeals for reform of employment laws in the local Catholic Church, which is the second-largest employer after the state in Germany. It passed its first reading by 181 votes to 13, with 11 abstentions.

Archbishop Nikola Eterović, the apostolic nuncio to Germany, addressed the assembly on Saturday.  

He said: “The Pope often speaks of synodality and the positive aspects associated with it, but equally encourages avoiding a false understanding and errors.” 

“As characteristic aspects of synodality, the Bishop of Rome mentions above all: synodality is a gift of the Holy Spirit; it is the way towards an ecclesial community whose task is mission, the evangelization of the world today; the synodal Church requires the participation of all, albeit at different levels.” 

“At the same time, Pope Francis warns against parliamentarism, formalism, intellectualism, and clericalism.”

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