Tuesday, February 8, 2022

People's Catholic Seminary announces new course: PCS 604 - Introduction to Pastoral Care - Part 1

NEW PCS COURSE - REGISTER NOW: PCS 604 Introduction to Pastoral Care (Part 1) Cohort Class begins March 22, 2022

with Pacific Institute of Essential Conversations


This 12-week course will introduce you to the basic elements of pastoral care.  You will explore and discern the use of both clinical and practical skills of a pastoral caregiver.  Topics such as deep listening, grief and loss, empathic distress, and much more will be explored.  At the end of this course, you will have an enhanced understanding of the field of pastoral care and some ideas about where, how, and with whom you can offer pastoral care.

COMING SOON: PCS 605 Introduction to Pastoral Care (Part 2)

with Pacific Institute of Essential Conversations

This 12-week course builds upon the basics learned in Intro to Pastoral Care Part 1.  In this course, we will go deeper in our exploration of the foundations of pastoral caregiving.  This course will also provide a framework by which you can begin to further develop your individual pastoral caregiving ministry.  There will be a greater emphasis on applied pastoral care skills and possibilities for a supervised practicum.

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