Friday, February 18, 2022

Report on Synod Listening Session Held by Venice Diocese at Epiphany Cathedral on Feb. 16th by Susie Zavodnyik


Epiphany Cathedral in Venice, Florida

1. I attended the session at Epiphany Cathedral on February 16.

2. The group listened to my views in an interested manner,  but my views were not included in the summary.

3. Clearly, this session was dominated by a small group. The moderator was unable to keep the focus on the questions presented. Group speakers voiced personal views. 
How to maintain focus? Perhaps the moderator should make a strong statement at the beginning of the session as to its purpose and make appropriate reminders during the evening.

4. I would like the Catholic Church to be more welcoming, more ecumenical. I would like to see more diverse views discussed. Difficult issues—woman priests, married clergy, same sex marriage should not be shunned. Are we interested in keeping young people active in our parishes? Then we need to regard their concerns . Many participants in the program seemed to ignore Vatican II. 

5. I was saddened and discouraged by the response of the people. I felt sorry for the priests and all those who have taught religious education. Do Catholics really see Latin Mass on the same level as the doctrine of Real Presence? Is ecumenism really an opportunity for conversion? Where were divergent views? A sad night. 

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