Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Eucharist : It is Life and Life in Abundance, by Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea ARCWP, February 19/2022.

We have many definitions that you have given us about the Eucharist. That it is thanksgiving. That it is the memory of the sacrifice of the death and resurrection of Christ, and many more.

In reality, the Eucharist has been taught to us with a halo of mystery, which blocks the essence of the miracle, preventing us from realizing it as such.

Does it have this halo of mystery, to prevent us from knowing its danger, and to avoid its persecution?

The Eucharist is a subversive act, dangerous for this corrupt and infamous society, that is why it is not presented, it is not known, nor is it realized in the dimension and essence of its true message.

The Eucharistic message of Jesus made life in Him as a testimony and commitment, which He has left us as a legacy, we can no longer deny or hide it. His message is Life and Life in abundance. 

It is your invitation to come and see how a whole Divinity is shared and shared. Come and see how the Creator Divinity, divides and shares in generosity throughout the entire Universe, without reserve and selfishness.

It gives us Life, which is not only breathing and feeling alive. Eucharist is to feel that in life there is no place for hunger, there is health, there is housing, there is employment, there is a coat, there is education, there is affection, there is love, there is joy, there is harmony, there is justice, there is peace. To make the Eucharist is a radical and profound social change. I 

To make the mystery of the Eucharist a reality does not need walls; we all carry the Eucharist within ourselves to share it. Let us not be mere observers or listeners. Come and make the Eucharist a reality.

Here is the invitation: "Do this in memory of Me". This is an invitation not only for the celebrant, but for all the participants. 

We are all invited to bring about the social change we need, let us not wait for change to come from above, from the powerful or those in power, change depends on us. We are all invited to make the Eucharist a reality.

Let us make each Eucharist the realization of change, let us begin now. Let us not be afraid to make the Eucharist. Enough of judging, criticizing, marginalizing, offending, despising, lying. Enough of so much infamous violence. 

o much infamous violence. 

Let us learn the lesson of the Divinity: come and see how a whole Divinity is divided and distributed in the midst of Humanity.

*Roman Catholic Presbyteria/Priest

February 19/2022

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