Friday, March 4, 2022

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests: Statement of Solidarity with the Ukrainian People and Prayer for Peaceful Resolution for Both Sides

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests joins millions of people across the globe in calling for an end to the Russian government's unprovoked assault against the Ukrainian people.  We call for an immediate cease-fire and protection for all engaged in this tragic conflict. We also call for both sides to collaborate on a peaceful resolution that guarantees the sovereignty of the Ukrainian nation. We offer our prayers and support to all whose lives have been torn apart by this humanitarian crisis. Our hearts go out to all the victims of war, especially the children, elders and vulnerable Ukrainians, who have had to flee their homeland. We pray for the people of Russia, who are suffering hardship as a result of economic sanctions, and who may soon be barred from leaving their country. May world leaders continue to utilize every resource to support a just and lasting peace.  


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