Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Call Congress today to Pass Gun Laws to Help Prevent Mass Shootings like the recent carnage of Black People in Buffalo and Children in Texas

Call Congress today to immediately pass Manchin-Toomey Bill in response to mass shootings. (202) 224-3121

I just called, and  left messages for Senator Rubio and Senator Scott.

 Make the call,  demand bipartisan legislation to regulate guns now.  Together we can act to  help prevent the carnage.

We can help prevent the slaughter of children by banning assault rifles and enacting other sensible gun control laws. 

Bridget Mary

19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas Elementary School on May 24, 2022

Stop the NRA by Marianne Williamson

Marco Bello, Reuters

 "Since Sandy Hook, the nation has experienced more than 3,500 mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization that tracks gun violence and defines a mass shooting as an incident in which four or more people are killed or injured."

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