Sunday, August 28, 2022

How Much Do Words Matter? Inspirational Message from Jan Phillips

 How much do words matter? 

 I came across a promotional piece for a workshop on spirituality and mysticism offered by a well-known mystic and teacher. As I read her description, I came across the phrase “will help you accept your brokenness.”


“No! No!” I thought. “That’s not the path of the mystic. The path of the mystic does just the opposite. It helps you accept your Sacredness. It opens the door to your Divinity, erasing the distance between you and the Beloved.”


By this time, whatever brokenness we once felt ought to have been analyzed, dissected, worked on, processed, forgiven and released. I have sat in circle with so many thousands of women over the years and this is what we’ve been doing. Purifying ourselves. Looking deeply enough at our turning points that we can see not only what happened to us, but how we co-created most of the events. They happened through us, to us and for us. Period.


The requirement of this hour calls for us to be sewn together, not broken apart. Calls for us to see that our souls called forth big adventure to give us big grist for the mill. Broken is just an early step in the evolutionary process. I was broken for 20 years until I found what I was looking for. Now I’m reassembled, at peace, of use.


Maybe I over-reacted here. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from a handful of you, urging me to take it easy, lighten up. You’ll tell me lovingly that I’m a bit arrogant, if you’re one of the ones still broken, one who still needs coddling.


I’m not blaming anyone here. As Hafiz says, “Where you are right now God circled on a map for you.” You’re at the perfect place at the perfect time, till your body tells you otherwise. Then you kick into creative mode and manifest what is now needed for your life to be optimal.


Feel free to let me know what this triggered in you. There’s no right or wrong, but there are a lot of ways to look at one event.

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