Thursday, September 1, 2022

Pope Francis - on Liturgy- Church - People of God Celebrate Liturgy - Not Priest Alone

This article in Commonweal about Pope Francis’s Letter on the  Liturgy reflects Vatican 2 theology and contemporary pastoral practice.

Roman Catholic Women Priests are celebrating liturgies in which the People of God- the gathered assembly/community celebrate  Eucharist not the priest alone.

 In this spiritual transforming power the Christ Presence -in all -is one -  united in the  Heart of Love.

Bridget Mary 

…”Liturgical formation must be grounded not in what we do, but in the faith-filled discovery of what Christ has done and is doing for us.

Pope Francis reiterates and emphasizes the point strongly: “Let us always remember that it is the Church, the Body of Christ, that is the celebrating subject and not just the priest” (36). Although Francis reflects upon the role of the priest and the gift of Holy Orders, and even presents a kind of mystical vision of the priest plunged into a furnace as the intermediary between the fire of Christ’s love and the fire in the hearts of Christ’s people, it is clear that liturgy is never just about the priest. It is the work of Christ in all of us..”


Bridget Mary

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