Monday, October 30, 2023

Exclusive: Cardinals Cupich, McElroy say 'impossible to go back' to synods without lay voters

Synodal delegates addressed International Council of Catholic Women in Rome in October 2023

My response:

Two ideas  pop out here from this interview with two prominent, progressive U.S. cardinals: the “urgent” need to expand women in leadership roles and a “reimagined “ diaconate that is not focused on liturgical functions but on service to the poor.

This would mean that -if approved -sacramental diaconal ministry such as preaching and officiating at baptisms, funerals and weddings- would not be part of the job description for women deacons. Yet these functions have been part of the diaconate ministry of  both transitional and permanent deacons for years. How is this expanding what women in ministry are already doing? Are the cardinals proposing changing the roles of deacons - both transitional and permanent?

 Now this will cause quite a sea change! All because  the topic of ordaining women to the diaconate is the hottest of hot potatoes at this Synod! And will continue to be because the full equality of women in all ministries in the church is the voice of Spirit calling for a holy shakeup in a more inclusive and just Church.

I do not see that how a reimagined diaconate would address the urgent need of expanding the leadership roles for women in sacramental ministry. 

Rather continuing to exclude women from liturgical leadership in presiding at sacraments would affirm their secondary status as less than equal to male deacons and bolster the misogynistic teaching that a priest must bear a physical resemblance to Christ. Now according to this proposal deacons - male and female would be reimagined in a way in which their ministry is not representative of their radical baptismal oneness and equality in Christ. 

Expanding women’s role in a sacramental Church, must include liturgical ministries for deacons  because it is baptismal equality in Christ that opens all ministries, including a renewed  model of priestly ministry, to women and all genders .

NCR Article:

“Synodal concluded that brings“But McElroy said that, of those propositions, "There's only one that's called urgent. And that is bringing women into greater roles of leadership at all levels of the church. Not a single one has the word urgent or any equivalent word except for that one."

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