Monday, October 30, 2023

Interview with the bishop emeritus of Saltillo at the alternative Synod in Rome :Raúl Vera and Victorino Pérez

Raúl Vera and Victorino Pérez
Raúl Vera and Victorino Pérez

Raúl Vera: "By restricting priestly ordination to celibate men, we have kidnapped the Eucharist"

“We are here listening to the cry of the Spirit with women priests, LGTBI+ people and all those excluded”

"The Church has to advance much further on the path that the Council opened; then it did so with the so-called "separated brothers", and now it must do so with those who are different from what is established in the norms of the Church"

"It seems to me that we have kidnapped the Eucharist and we do not allow the people to access it, by restricting priestly ordination to celibate men"

On the occasion of the Shadow Synod, which I spoke about in previous posts on this blog, we were in Rome with Raúl Vera , bishop emeritus of Saltillo (Mexico). I had the opportunity of an interview (10/13/2023), in which he was accompanied by Emilie Smith , an Argentine-Canadian evangelical priest who is co-president with him of the International Christian Service of Solidarity with the peoples of Latin America “Óscar Romero”  (SICSAL ) and other members of this organization: the Australian living in Central America Sean O'Cleri and Teresa Subieta , current Bolivian ambassador to the Vatican.

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