Thursday, March 13, 2014

"A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane "- Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Youtube Movies of our early days at St. Andrew UCC , Sarasota, Florida

Sheila Carey shares a liturgical dance at our MMOJ liturgy

Today I took a trip down memory lane and recalled how God has blessed  our Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Community. I watched some of movies from our early days at St. Andrew's (links below)  and thought it was time to share a brief history.

On Christmas 2006, Dick and Pat Fisher, Jack Meehan, (Dad) and I celebrated our first liturgy around my dining room table. In January Jack and Helen Duffy and Margaret Smith joined our small circle. We put an announcement in the Sarasota Herald Tribune and  over the next several  months ,others came including married priest couples Michael and Imogene Rigdon, and Lee and Carol Ann Breyer .

In 2008, after several articles in the media in response to Bishop Frank Dewane's condemnation of our house church, we grew so large that we could no longer fit in my small mobile home.  A  generous couple opened their home to us so we moved to a larger home, but  within a month, we could no longer fit there either. 

So, in 2009, we went on a search for a church that could host a group on the margins and outside the power grid of the church hierarchy!!

One day, I was blessed to meet Pastor Phil  Garrison. who consulted with the leadership of St. Andrew United Church of Christ. Like Christ, they welcomed us, and gave permission to share sanctuary on Saturday evenings.  
So now, we have worshiped in  this  beautiful, sacred space for five years. 
As you will see we started in March 2009.

With a grateful heart, I give thanks to God, who does infinitely more than we can hope for or imagine and to our brothers and sisters at St. Andrew UCC for their kind hearts and warm hospitality. 
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,
Join us at 4 PM on Sat. at 6908 Beneva Rd. Sarasota, Florida for an inclusive Catholic Mass where all are welcome to join us at the Eucharistic Table. 

During this time, I recorded 771 GodTalk movie clips on YouTube 
with total views of  248,709!

YouTube Highlights from our beginning days at St. Andrew UCC/March 2009

Pastor Phil Garrison welcomes MMOJ to St. Andrew UCC/March 2009

Communion:Jesus, remember me"

Community Prays for Healing/Anointing of the Sick
MMOJ Celebrates Saint Patrick's Day ( Jack Meehan plays a tune you will recognize!)
Jack Meehan playing recessional "When saints go marching in "

Easter 2011
Community Prays Eucharistc Prayer at Easter Liturgy

Liturgical Dance at Easter , April 2011 with Sheila Carey "And I will raise you up"

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