Saturday, March 15, 2014

MMOJ/St.Andrew UCC Homeless Ministry at Sanctuary of Sarasota, Florida/March 15th, 2014/P

On March 15, a dozen volunteers from Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community and St. Andrew United Church of Christ  gathered to express prayerful solidarity and to share food with the homeless that are serviced by Sanctuary Sarasota, led by Vallerie Guillory, from Trinity Without Borders. We shared over 70 sandwiches, fruit, drinks and cookies.
When we arrived, Vallerie shared the schedule for the day which was divided into classes, painting and prizes for the children and a later adult sing along. 
Earlier, there had been a disturbance in the camp between several occupants. 
Our ministry team joined other individuals and volunteers: a local Girls Scout Troop, Jorde, an gifted artist, who was there to provide  paint adventures showcasing rocks and the oneness of nature. See the murals on his decorated bus in the photos below.  
We began with a prayer circle. I asked everyone to join hands end express solidarity with all those in the camp by sending loving energy to help bring about justice for those in need and homes for the homeless. "Amen" everyone affirmed!
Before I left, a woman from the homeless camp asked me to pray with her.
We joined hands and I prayed that God would send angels to protect, guide, and embrace her during the coming days and weeks.
Gini C. Hyman, wrote: on her facebook page:"The most touching thing I observed was the Bishop praying with a woman who had just lost everything, including whatever meager belongings she had at the Camp. She was drug free and seriously depressed, without hope. Then I saw Bishop Bridget Mary with her. at Sanctuary of Sarasota."
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,
St. Andrew UCC,
Homeless Ministry Team from MMOJ and St. Andrew UCC at Sanctuary of Sarasota, Florida 

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