Friday, March 14, 2014

Irish Mystic, Lorna Byrne, Shares Her Encounters with Angels

Powerful Video with Lorna Byrne, author of Angels in My hair

In this  inspiring interview, Lorna  Byrne says that she sees angels and  that  each of us has an angel to comfort and  to accompany us through life.


..."The alleged mystic, Lorna Byrne, a practicing Catholic born in the Old Kilmanham part of Dublin, gives no date but asserts in a book called Angels in My Hairdistributed by Random House since 2008, that "I have been shown different paths for the world. At times, I have watched and been terrified.""Some of the possible futures I have been shown have been truly atrocious, and if one of those come to pass I don't want to be alive to see it."But I have also been shown many wonderful paths, where there is room for everyone to live in harmony and at peace. I believe the world in the future can be a wonderful place, but every single person has to play their part."
Encounter with Mary, Mother of Jesus;"...Her face was radiant with life. She was perfect; her eyes were blue and shone like the sun, but a billion times more radiant. How can words describe that? All I can say is, when I looked into her eyes there was such gentleness, compassion, peace, and such love radiating from them."I know this superb angel standing in front of me could see everything. It was as if she recognized and knew every particle within the universe -- something completely beyond our human comprehension."When Lorna pleaded with her that the world needs a miracle -- for Mary to "appear for the whole world to see," in order to rectify its transgressions -- the Blessed Mother, claims this Irish mystic, smiled with love radiating from her eyes and radiance surrounding her like fiery flames and said, "I will reach into people's hearts and, one day, I will appear and the whole world will see me as you can now."Adds the mystic: "I believe that, some day, the Queen of Angels will appear for all to see, not just some, and will appear, not just for a fleeting moment, but will remain for some time, for the world to see and acknowledge. She will come to provide the evidence that mankind, in its weakness, requires -- and this will be the beginning of a major change for the human race."

Bridget Mary's Response:

Matthew Fox observed that the angels must be bored at Catholic liturgies today. One would more likely to encounter an angel in a book store, he quipped!He mentioned that he was impressed by  Lorna Byrne, whom some have called "the angel lady from Ireland,"So, I decided to read about her and share her mystical encounters with you, the readers of my blog. I believe that our angels remind us of our reality and that is:God loves each of us totally, passionately, completely in this life, no matter what happens, and that we are never alone. We are embraced in the light and surrounded by boundless love! Our challenge is to become more aware each day of our deepest reality and call to live life fully in love, kindness and compassion. May you be blessed by your encounters with angels!Bridget Mary Meehan, arcwpwww.arcwp.orgmarymotherofjesus.orgArticle :

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