Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dear Pope Francis, I'm really confused....

Dear Pope Francis, I’m really confused.
Because I read the very same day in the news

With abusive priests they claim their arms only reach the Vatican wall
But with the American nuns, suddenly across the ocean, those same arms can sprawl?

For predator priests the Curia says they must respect the law for each land.
Shouldn’t they do likewise when American nuns’ Constitutional liberties are at hand?

Maybe like the game my kids used to play,
They simply think that it’s “Happy Opposite Day?”

Because in my land, the land of the nuns in question
Free-speaking women are no problem, but sexually abusive priests deserve incarceration.

The pedophile priests are only part of the problem.
The Vatican ignores bishops shuffling predators round-robin.

Then pretend the problem disappeared and any worry is for naught

Money is hidden; bankruptcies are filed.
Bishops evade accountability while victims are reviled.

And the person who appoints every bishop … pssst…. That’s you
In my culture is considered somewhat responsible too

Popes appoint all bishops who ordain every single priest.
They have censured some people quickly for supporting certain causes, even in the least.

But with abusive priests they claim by their own admission
They lack extra-Vatican authority, or is that just an excuse for sins of omission?

This selective impotency when it comes to abused kids
Has really put the whole church’s reputation on the skids.

And, I know by laypeople it’s been repeatedly stated
That the hierarchy’s credibility by its own actions has been negated.

If you claim national borders prevent you from stopping predator priests
Because you think they operate as independent disconnected uncontrollable beasts

Then kindly refrain from the obvious hypocrisy
Of trying to control independent nuns you accuse of apostasy.

Either you control the worldwide church or not
But please stop with this morally relativistic rot.

If you can’t control the priests then you don’t control nuns.  
If you want to control your daughters, please, first control your felonious, abusive sons.

The Curia speaks of dialogue but issues edicts instead.
This also is confusing from the guys wearing red.

I realize the bishops approve the sisters’ communities’ existence or not
But after that, the community makes most of the decisions, I thought.

The sisters elect leaders and vote on community members and rules.
A bishop just listens to them take poverty vows while dressed in his mitre and jewels.

I’m trying to understand why the CDF is so frustrated.
Maybe realizing their powers’ limitations leaves them feeling somewhat castrated?

Or do they covet the sisters’ hospitals and schools
Thereby inspiring them to impose overbearing rules?

Perhaps there’s a culture gap emerging from language skill
After all, that last Mass translation exposed their English abilities as being almost nil  

Yet, the priorities are apparent to most people with children
Thumbs up for strong sisters; thumbs down for negligent churchmen

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