Sunday, May 4, 2014

"The UN and the Minor Papal Commission on Minors" by Jerry Slevin

"The press conference following the first meeting of the advisory committee was revealing and disappointing, even if predictable given the stonewalling to date by the Vatican, including Pope Francis. The press conference indicated the commission is virtually leaderless, unfocused, unscheduled  and , in effect, just another stall tactic to enable the Vatican to continue its cover-up.
The media reporting also suggested that the brave survivor on the commission may be in over her head, given her limited experience with slick Vatican bureaucrats. The other lay members were noticeable more for their lack of meaningful  contribution, after months of hype, on the Catholic Church’s top priority, holding bishops accountable for protecting predatory priests who raped children. It is also clear O’Malley’s mission is to enable Francis to keep tight control over disciplining bad bishops. The absolute monarch wants to remain absolute. This is unacceptable and ineffective, given the Vatican’s failed efforts to police itself for centuries..."

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