Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Cardinal Kasper, Pope's Theologian, Downplays Vatican Blast at U.S. Nuns" Will LCWR Challenge Vatican Curia Publically?
From National Catholic Reporter- Dennis Coday Briefing:
The latest on discussions between LCWR and Vatican: 
Cardinal Kasper, the pope's theologian, criticized the Vatican Curia for its narrow position on LCWR. "Asked about Johnson and another feminist theologian, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, whose views have also been disputed by the hierarchy, Kasper said he has known them both for years and added: "I esteem them both."
  • Bridget Mary's comment: 
  • Sisters, Cardinal Kasper gets it. He is a supporter of top feminist theologians. The Vatican is divided. Nothing new! So now, it is time for you to turn up the heat. 
  • Sisters, Cardinal Mueller, head of the modern day Inquisition, wants  LCWR to submit to institutional church teaching on the hot button issues. I am sure women priests are high on his list! What is your public response? 
  • Sisters, consider the freedom that non-canonical status will bring, You could become an independent religious body! My religious community, Sisters for Christian Community, have over 40 plus years of ecclesial service to God's people.  We are women religious living Gospel equality in the heart of the faith community without interference from the hierarchy. We do not need the Vatican good house keeping seal to do God's work.
  • Sisters, you have the support and love of the majority of Catholics. Thousands came out in the United States to support nun justice! Perhaps, Pope Francis is waiting to hear your response to the Curia. Millions of Catholics have been inspired and blessed by your faithful dedication and prophetic leadership in our church and world.  My prayer is that soon you will be able to publically name and affirm women called to be priests! 
  • Bridget Mary Meehan, SFCC, ARCWP,

  • Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, the LCWR overseer, said the April 30 meeting with Cardinal Gerhard Müller was "frank and open" and "a very helpful meeting.
  • "That assessment charged LCWR with promoting "radical feminist themes" incompatible with Catholic faith and undermining church teachings on homosexuality and birth control. It also named Sartain "archbishop delegate" and gave him authority for "up to five years" over LCWR to oversee reform of its statutes, programs and affiliations. 
    In language he described as "blunt ... but too important to dress up in flowery language," Müller told the leadership group they were ignoring procedures for choosing speakers for their annual conferences and questioned if they were promoting programs "opposed to Christian Revelation."
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