Monday, June 16, 2014

Former Irish President Mary McAleese Describes Pope's Plan to Consult Bishops on Family, "Completely Bonkers" Do you agree?
"Former president Mary McAleese has described as “completely bonkers” Pope Francis’s plan to ask a synod of bishops to advise him on whether church teaching on the family should change. She said there was “just something profoundly wrong and skewed” about asking “150 male celibates” to review the Catholic Church’s teaching on family life. Commenting on a planned October synod in Rome on the issue, she said: “The very idea of 150 people who have decided they are not going to have any children, not going to have families, not going to be fathers and not going to be spouses - so they have no adult experience of family life as the rest of us know it - but they are going to advise the pope on family life; it is completely bonkers...While the pope said he wanted a new role for women in the church, discussion of women priests was off the table, while other senior roles in the Vatican continue to be filled by men in a manner which lacked transparency.“You don’t need a new theology of women, you just need to end the old boys club,” she said.
Bridget Mary's Response: I agree with President Mary McAleese. Do you agree? Bridget Mary Meehan,

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