Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Trinity" by John Chuchman

God as Trinity
must not be the private preserve of theologians.

God as Trinity
Should be the primary source by which
We understand everything,
Our Ethics, Our Spirituality, Our Church, Our Worship.

God as Trinity
is Relational.

The Three Persons of God
from all Eternity
are in Essential Relationship
with Each Other.

God exists
in a Communion of Persons.
Only in a Communion of Persons
can God be what God is
and only in Communion
can God be at all.

Trinity is
Creator as Giver or Lover,
Savior as Given or Beloved,
Holy Spirit as Giving or Loving.
Trinity is Lover, Beloved, Loving.

We, who are created in God's image,
are, thus at our very core,
Relational Beings.

We are not created as selves in isolation;
We are who we are
come to be what we are called to be,
in and through
Our Relationship with Other Persons.

Just as God as Trinity means three Divine Persons in Communion,
as Sons and Daughters of God,
We are called to be in Communion
Each Other.

Love, John
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