Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stand in Solidarity with Mormon Women/Appeal from Women's Ordination Conference

As you may know, Kate Kelly, human rights lawyer and founder of the Mormon group Ordain Women faces excommunication for seeking equality and ordination for women in the Mormon faith. This Sunday, Kate faces a "disciplinary council" where she may present her "defense," to three male judges. 

WOC stands in solidarity with Kate and all who work and pray courageously for equality in our religious institutions and in our world.
Take Action: 
  • More than 50 vigils will take place in 17 countries this Sunday in support of Kate. See the location map, and attend a vigil near you. (Consider holding a "Catholics in Solidarity With Our Mormon Sisters" sign and tweet it to @OrdainWomen & @OrdainLDSWomen) 
  • Send a letter of support that will be presented during Kate's "disciplinary council" along with her own "defense" in abstentia.
  • Create an "Ordain Women" profile picture on Facebook or Twitter. These emblazoned photos (like the photo above) are a great way to show support and start a conversation on social media. Instructions here.
  • Save the date for the second annual Equal in Faith interfaith prayer service and fast. (More info coming soon!)
Learn More: 

  • LDS Spokeswoman responds on NPR West. Around the 13:15 minute mark: "Where in Mormon doctrine does it say women cannot have the priesthood?"
In Solidarity,
Kate Conmy & Erin Saiz Hanna
WOC Staff

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