Monday, July 28, 2014

ARCWP Newly Ordained Priest, Ann Harrington Presides at Free Spirit Community Liturgy in honor of St. Mary of Magdala in North Carolina on July 27th

30 People Attended the Free Spirit liturgy in honor of St. Mary Magdala in  Greenville,North Carolina on July 27, 2014. 
Ann Harrington shared the homily with two other women who have a strong connection to Mary Magadala.  Here are Ann's words:
"I identify with Mary of Magdala and I hope on some level you do too. 
 I've had my own demons to exorcise, clinical depression being one of them.  

Through the art of psychotherapy, supportive friends ,a loving committed husband and a deep connection with God, I found healing. 
 I heard what I think we all long to hear, "You are worthy because you are, God loves you with an unconditional love no matter what you do or don't do".   
"As my awareness of my connection with God has grown, I am more able to love myself and others in a healthy life affirming way.  After all, this is Jesus great command.  Let us look to Mary of Magdala and follow Jesus more fully day by day, so that we might be shining with the light of Christ and radiate that light everywhere we go."

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