Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Opinion: After tiff over woman priest, a miracle" Mary Pierce Brosmer

..." Imagine the church politicians faced with a perfect storm of threat to their house of cards: A woman priest leading a prayer service on the Feast of Mary Magdalene, and Archdiocesan money, all $700 of it, to be put in service of the fleshy, messy business of LAUNDRY!
What's a prelate to do? Withdraw the $700, of course, because his is an institution which has been built on the solid rock of refusing the feminine in all its forms, in all its values. How dismaying it must be to see, if said prelate has eyes to see, however, that it is Lydia's House which expresses the Jesus Way.
In feeding the 5,000 or more, the hopelessly large number of hungry people who gathered in an inhospitable place, Jesus did what Lydia's House does every day.
He (and they) do not despair over the impossibility of the task before them. Rather, they bless what they have, and HERE is the real miracle Jesus performed that day (and Lydia's House performs every day). People are so inspired by his courage and vulnerability, they share what they have, whether little or a lot, creating the miracle of Enough for Everyone... "
The Lydia's House Facebook page: What we'd most like to highlight from this sad and confusing experience is the overwhelming support we've received from Catholics around the country this week and the over $7,000 in donations that have come through our mailbox and across the internet. We've now paid for our washer/dryer and funded our portion of a yearlong women's ministry internship that we'll co-host with a local church this fall. Thank you!
As more donations come in we're grappling with how to best use them. Could anyone recommend a local organization that serves women in poverty and has an emergency need for funds? We have what we need and want to share this outpouring with others in greater need.

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