Saturday, August 16, 2014

Should the Vatican Apologize to Elizabeth Johnson and Reinstate Female Priests?
..."If women ontologically differ from men, then trying to force male voices and thoughts upon women commits one of these pesky “sins against nature” that the hierarchy abhors.  If women do not differ ontologically from men, then excluding women from the priesthood is unfounded.  Either women are different and hierarchical leaders owe Elizabeth Johnson not only an apology, they owe her their deep appreciation for letting these differences shine forth via her language of women…or women are not different and hierarchical leaders owe a deep apology and expression of gratitude as well as need to reinstate all the excommunicated female priests because they simply denuded a myth about men’s and women’s ontological differences.  There is a third scenario where the hierarchy both reinstates female priests and apologizes to Elizabeth Johnson which should occur if men’s and women’s difference serve to complement rather than impede clerical ministry. But right now, the hierarchy’s stance seems to just further undermine its credibility."

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