Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ministry Leadership in the Community of Jesus Christ- Call to Ordination Comes from Community

Ministry: Leadership in the Community of Jesus Christ

 Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P Professor of Theology, University of Nijmegen

In the early Church
one could be ordained
a priest or deacon
in an absolute manner
only if a local Community
supported him/her.

If local support
was withdrawn
their appointment
was null and void.

Only someone called by a particular Community
to be Pastor/Leader
authentically received Ordination.

was an appointment
as a Minister
to a Community
which called a fellow-Christian
and indicated him/her
as its Leader.

Hands laid on one
without being asked
by a particular Community
were null and void.

The source
of Power for Ordination
came from the Community,
not some external force.
(Courtesy of John Chuchman)

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