Sunday, August 10, 2014

Letter of Support for LCWR by Thomas J. Orzechowski

Dear Women of God,
Know that you are not alone…ever.  Your voice while causing trouble and pain for you has made a difference in the church for many of your lay co-workers.  I know I am one of them.  Over forty years in church ministry.  Sometimes you as a group were the only ones who were giving voice on an organized, effective high profile professional level, too much of what I had come to know and value because of my own education (Jesuit graduate schooling in religious education and biblical studies).  Over the years I have often said to those I was privileged to work with that the human body has orifices that can be prostituted just as much as the ones we normally think of.  After that point was made I wanted them to know that I had often prostituted myself.  Sometimes over even small things.  Why?  Because I did not open my mouth and say what I ought to have said.   Many times I was silent and did not cry out or even utter a public word when the situation called for more than that.  To me, that is and was as much a prostituting of myself as any other act of prostitution.  For a few pieces of silver I remained mute.  Thank you for often being braver than I.  I do not want you to think that I did not at times speak out.  But whenever I did there was a price to pay and it was paid.  But we owe you a great debt for your bravery and your modeling for us what “faithfulness” is.    Faithfulness … a loyalty and dedication even when one is afraid, even when one pays a price and one suffers because of it.  Thank you for maintaining “apostolic succession” so effectively in your individual and corporate presence in and to the church.

Thomas J. Orzechowski
(I received a copy of this letter on the day it was mailed to LCWR. Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP)

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