Monday, August 11, 2014

Ministry: Leadership in the Community of Jesus Christ by Edward Schillebeeckx OP/ Early Church, No link between Ministry and Presiding at Eucharist

Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P Professor of Theology, University of Nijmegen

In the New Testament,
did not develop
from and around
Eucharist or Liturgy,
but from the building up of
through Preaching.

were Pioneers,
those who inspired the Community
and served as models
for the whole Community.

For the New Testament
there was no special treatment
as to who should preside
at the Eucharist;
Nothing was so specified.

Even Paul
did not call Eucharist
an apostolic Tradition.

Eucharist was Jesus’ parting gift
to the whole Community.

Nowhere in the new Testament
was an explicit connection made
between Ministry of the Church
and presiding at Eucharist.

There are no biblical grounds anywhere
for a sacral and mystical foundation
to the ministry in the Eucharist.

Early Eucharist
was structured so that
anyone who is competent
to lead the Community
in one way or another
was presider at the Eucharist
without any special separate authorization.

And In House (Home) Churches
very often
the Host/Hostess
would preside at Liturgy/Eucharist
even though
Not a Community Leader.

simply were not a part of
Church Ministry

in the New Testament.

(Special thanks to John Chuchman for posting this scholarship)

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