Monday, October 6, 2014

Catholic Reform Groups Harassed at Vatican: Why? Carried Banner "Families Must Vote in Family Synods"

From Future Church email:
"As the crowds streamed into the Vatican Basilica for the opening mass for the Synod on the Family, members of Catholic Church Reform International were joined by International Movement of We Are Church, Women's Ordination Worldwide and other international reform groups to protest the lack of real decision making power for families at the Synod. They unfurled a sign that read, "Families must have vote in family synods."

The group was quickly surrounded by the police who challenged their right to be in the square. Leader Rene Reid, showed the officers the permit she had obtained for the event, but that was not sufficient. With more than a dozen officers surrounding the group, the police snapped photos of the group's signs, song sheets, and confiscated Reid's passport. Given the circumstances, the group rolled up the signs and waited. The police later returned with Reid's passport and agreed they could conduct."
Janice Sevre-Duszynska ARCWP in Rome for Pope Francis' election

Bridget Mary's Response:
It makes no sense to me that the bishops are talking to themselves about issues that related to Catholic families such as contraception, divorce and remarriage, gay marriage, etc. What personal experiences have the had with these issues in day to day life? It is time for the hierarchy to open up decision making in the church to the People of God who are living with these issues everyday!  The Vatican does not like demonstrations of any kind.
Janice Sevre-Duszynska in Rome witnesses for Women Priests during Conclave before Pope Francis was elected. 

 Janice Sevre-Duszynska has had several close encounters with the police at the Vatican over her prophetic witness for women priests.   When Janice came to witness for Roman Catholic Women Priests at the most recent conclave the police came with their sirens blaring to pick her up. She was in the middle of a press interview. The cameras were rolling as they interogated her. They asked for her ID as a woman priest even though she was dressed in alb and stole!   a year earlier, on another visit to Rome, Janice Duszynska, Donna Rougeux and Ree Hudson, all women priests,   and a group of reform leaders marched to the Vatican with Fr. Roy Bourgeois to deliver petitions in support of Fr. Roy who was threatened with dismissal from Maryknoll at the time. The police refused to allow them to cross into the Vatican. At this time, suprisingly, the police refused to detain the women priests, but took Fr. Roy and the leaders of the women's ordination movement, Erin Hanna and Miriam Dugan into custody. Later they were released.

 The Vatican is the gift that  keeps on giving. They keep on harassing church reformers but our refom agenda has the support of millions of Catholics.  The people are the church, not the hierarchy alone! Families should be represented at this synod. The Vatican police cannot turn back the clock or stop the faithful from living according to their consciences. 
The church teaches religious liberty, but the Vatican appears to be tone deaf when it comes to practicing what it preaches. I wonder what Jesus would say!
 Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

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