Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ordinary Catholic Women "Have always done Theology and Ministry in both Word and Deed"

 In The Elephant in the Church,  Irish theologian Mary T. Malone affirms that ordinary Catholic women " have always done theology and ministry in both word and deed."
 (The Elephant in the Church, p. 171. )

"...But perhaps on an even more important level, the experience of the ordinary day-in, day-out women of Catholicism, can begin to be respected as among primary bearers of the Faith, and respected and heard and treated as the significant theologians that they are. They can also be recognized and respected as the foundation stones of many a parish community, for without the presence and ministry of women, these communities would not exist. For women have always done theology and ministry in both word and deed. Their theology has not necessarily been expressed in tomes or lecture halls, but it is the daily living guide of more than half of the Church. This is not to exclude lay men, but at least they can move freely in the male symbolic universe that is Catholicism. Women have had to create their own religious universe and it is the uniting of these two universes, practically unknown to each other, that will save the Church of God in our time."

 Women today are being called to a renewed priestly ministry who do not have formal theological training, but  who have rich, diverse and varied life experiences, spiritualities, educational and professional backgrounds and ministries. The  Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests utilizes individualized holistic approaches, theological resources and pastoral programs to prepare deacons and priests to live Gospel equality as mystics, prophets, sacramental ministers and activists in service of God's people. As co-creators and partners with other reform-minded Catholics, we develop inclusive, empowered  communities that welcome all to receive sacraments at the Banquet Table of God's extravagant love.  Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP, sofiabmm@aol.com, www.arcwp.org

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests
Maureen McGill and Katy Zatsick co-preside at liturgy with Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community

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