Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ann Harrington, ARCWP Presides at Stole Ceremony for Founders' Circle ,Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community, Greenville, North Carolina,Sunday August 23, 2015

Ann Harrington, ARCWP 

Vision and Mission and Values Statements read by Circle Members

Mission Statement:  Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community seeks to nurture spiritual growth grounded in the Good News of Jesus the Christ.

Vision Statement: Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community is a welcoming community that provides its members and guests the Living Waters of Christ Sophia.  We offer vibrant sacramental celebrations and spiritual formation experiences to empower one another to be co-creators with God of a peaceful, just and caring world.

Values Statement:  Our values are inclusivity, equal treatment of all, local service, shared leadership, social justice and ecological sustainability.

Opening Song:  The Summons  #384  (All join in please!)

_________ God has called you by name.

Will you love the you, you hide? 
Will you quell the fears inside you?   (Presider anoints right hand)

Will you use your faith to change the world?  (Presider anoints head)

Will you be the hands, heart and mind of Christ Sophia  (Presider anoints left hand)

(Presider invites community to extend their hands in blessing and to  join in saying the prayer)
O Birther God, you have poured out your wisdom upon Liza, Lynn and Christina.  Guide them to discover new depths of understanding on how to be your servants and to develop more fully their community building gifts.  We ask this in the name of our Mother/Father God who loves each of us with extravagant, unbounded love.

Let us offer one another a sign of God's Peace...

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