Sunday, August 23, 2015

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests: Your Support Will Help Grow Our Movement for Women's Equality in Church

Dear Friends of ARCWP,

As the Association of Roman Catholic Priests emerged from the Roman Catholic Women’s Priest Movement with 1 Bishop, 5 priests and 1 deacon on 11/1/ 2010, it has grown in 5 short yearsto include 38 priests, 12 deacons and many candidates, serving in 15 states, 19 cities, 3 Canadian provinces, Europe and South America. With the realization of this exponential growth and newfound need, the decision to elect Bishops for the sole purpose of ordaining women trained and ready to live out gospel equality arose.
We are pleased to announce our new Bishops for the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests,

Olga Lucia Alvarez of Envigado, Columbia Mary Collingwood of Hudson, Ohio  Michele Birch Conery of  Windsor,  Ontario

The ordinations will take place at

Pendle Hill Retreat Center in Philadelphia, PA on September 24, 2015 at  2PM

We are letting you know our costs, and asking all of our supporters, newly formed communities and friends for financial assistance to support us in this historic event.                If you collect and donate funds in the name of your community, your family, special member and/or in memory of those who longed to witness this event within the Catholic Church, you will increase the strength of your contribution by specifying your intention.

Sacred Circle
Rental of Sacred Space
Circle of Friends
Rental of Meeting Rooms
Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel
Travel expenses (driving)
Feet on the Ground
Housing and Food
High Flyers Club


We appreciate any amount to defer these expenses.

Your donations will be mentioned as will your intention as indicated on your gift card.

Example of an intention. Name your group/person and your intention.

The Jones Family - in memory of all those who longed to experience women’s ordination to fully live out their baptismal call within the Catholic tradition.

Human Rights Campaign - in appreciation for the effort ARCWP is bringing to promote women’s Equality.
Please complete the form below. Make Check to ARCWP and mail to
Barbara Duff 3041 Stuart Dr. Macon, GA. 31204

Name                                                                                                         Address                                                                 _ City, State, Zip                          _ Email                                                                   _ Phone:                                  

To read more about our Bishops Elect and their long-time contributions to the Catholic Church, go to
You can also donate via PayPal    

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