Monday, August 24, 2015

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Asks Supporters to Contribute to Recovery Costs for Dr. Alexandra Dyer/Go Fund Link
Please give generously to Alexandra's Medical Costs. It is going to take a long time and you can help.
Donate today, please! Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP


Roman Catholic Womenpriests (RCWP) and Women's Ordination Confernece (WOC) are deeply saddened by the violent attack that Alexandra Dyer, one of our women priests in New York City, experienced when leaving work on Wednesday evening.  As she was getting in her car, a man approached Alexandra and threw a caustic substance in her face resulting in severe burns.  
At this time, there is no evidence that Alexandra was targeted as a result of her being a Roman Catholic priest.  Regardless of the reason for the attack, we are saddened that anyone would so violently attack another person in this manner.  
Alexandra is currently hospitalized and will have a long and difficult recovery.  We ask for your prayers for Alexandra and all those who will be walking with her on her long road of recovery.  
A friend has set up a Go Fund Me account for her to assist with any recovery costs.  We know she will appreciate any gesture of support during this difficult time.  

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writeon1950 said...

Thank you Bridget Mary for suggestion there was no evidence that this was a 'political' attack. Your words echoed my own thoughts when discussing this horrific incident yesterday. Motivation of any hate crime is sad, but then all the violence we see in our world is. If anything it just makes it evem more important that all who are called be able to answer the call to serve not be hampered by equally as senseless reasoning as it would seem led to the attack on this woman who dedicated her life to "the least of these." We pray for you and all who have answered their personal calling, especially as you stand with others this September. How absurd is it that anyone should have to spend a moment, of our precious few hours on this earth, defending our inherent call to do good in the name of the One who said that the important thing we can do is love one another?