Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests (ARCWP) Asks for Your Financial Support

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, Inc.
3041 Stuart Drive  ~  Macon, GA  31204

 “We are not leaving the Church. We are leading it.”
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP

Be on the lookout!!
November 15, 2016

Dear Friend:

Soon you will be receiving ARCWP’s new quarterly newsletter, LEADING. We wish to keep you informed of our progress, because we could not continue to flourish without your prayers, interest and support.

Our growth continues.  Since 2010, we have grown significantly in number from an initial group of six priests to 58 priests, 7 deacons, 5 candidates and several applicants in 2016. Our members work throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. We are a branch of the international women priest movement. Our preparation program is life-long and integrates the mystical, prophetic and inclusive sacramental celebrations with contemporary theology.
ARCWP is a prophetic movement, dedicated to gender equality, acceptance of all God’s children, and a return to the true meaning of the gospel…simplicity, kindness, and love of, and assistance to each other.  We want to bring this message to everyone. We work in hospices, universities, and service small faith communities. We serve the homeless, the sick and dying, the ignorant, the neglected and the marginalized…the ones no one else wants to notice. We fight for social justice.

And we need your help. We need your prayers, your interest, and your support. If possible, please make some donation to our cause. We need to:  1. educate our candidates in contemporary theology,  2. grow our movement through outreach and media and,  3. defray the cost of ordinations. Any support, no matter the amount, is graciously accepted and makes you a part of our movement for justice and equality in our Church.

Your donation can be sent via credit card on our website (www.arcwp.org) where you can scroll down to the “donate” tab or mailed to: ARCWP, 3041 Stuart Drive, Macon GA 31204.
With gratitude and daily prayer,
The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Rev. Barbara A. Duff, Treasurer

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