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Breaking News Alert - Activist Priests Urge U.S Bishops to Speak Out for Women’s Ordination, Gender Justice, Nov. 14th, Baltimore, Maryland

November 14, 2016
Witness to Urge Bishops to Speak Out for Women’s Ordination, Gender Justice
Left Priest -Janice Sevre Duszynska ARCWP, Miriam Duigan WOW, Former Maryknoll Priest Roy Bourgeois MM in Rome witnessing
for women priests (photo in blog file)

From:  The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests,  See

Contact:  Janice Sevre-Duszynska, ARCWP (Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests) activist priest of eight years, 859-684-4247,

Fr. Roy Bourgeois, former Maryknoll priest of 40 years, founder of the School of the Americas Watch and advocate for women priests and the LGBTIQ community, 706-570-5359  

Activist priests Roy Bourgeois and Janice Sevre-Duszynska will witness for women priests on Monday, November 14th, as the 300 bishops of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops gather at the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, Maryland.

Fr. Bourgeois was excommunicated five years ago for his support of women priests. He has continued to speak out for gender justice in the Roman Catholic Church.

“Pope Francis,” Bourgeois wrote in his letter, “who are we, as men, to say that our call from God is authentic, but God’s call to women is not? Isn’t our all-powerful God, who created the cosmos, capable of empowering a woman to be a priest?”

Said Sevre-Duszynska: “Women priests are living out an inclusive and egalitarian non-clerical priesthood. Lack of gender equality within the Church diminishes the Church and causes more suffering in our world.”

Bridget Mary's Response: 

Pope Francis advocates for justice, compassion and equality for  contemporary outcastes in our world today, refugees, suvivors of war, victims of sex traffic industry and many others. However, he has not yet made the connection between abuse and violence toward women in society and discrimination against women in our church. Pope Francis has not challenged the sexism, that like a destructive- cancer, damages  the Body of Christ. The institutional church's ban on women's ordination is a serious failure to live Jesus's message of loving inclusivity. The church teaches that baptism makes women and men equal members of the church. However, it does not treat women as equals because only men can receive seven sacraments. Until women are treated as equal images of God in every area of church life, and all ministries including priesthood, the Roman Catholic Church will not witness God's all -embracing love  for everyone in our world today.  As we ordain women, the international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement is leading the church toward gender justice and equality- one priest and one inclusive community- at a time. 
Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,,

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