Monday, November 14, 2016

Here in Heaven, on Earth - Reflection by Lynn Kinlan

Here in Heaven, on Earth
I have a friend whose empathy cradles the troubles of others. I have a friend who is strength and firmness in the face of defeat and despair. I have a gentle friend who listens and cares deeply. I have a friend who searches with every strand of
Lynn Kinlan, author
Lynn is a member of the Upper Room
Inclusive Catholic Community
Albany, NY
being to be useful to others. Another is modest.  There is one who is inquisitive and curious. I have a friend who is a survivor, courageous beyond words. One of my friends is charming and affable and puts others at ease. Another is logical and teases out truth. Still another is forgiveness in its finest essence; forgiving modestly and automatically without need of acknowledgement. I have a generous friend. Another is encouraging; sharing a future vision not just of what is plausible but of what is possible. I have a friend who is glad to be alive.
I have a friend with a vivid imagination. There is one who is sharp but true. I have a friend who lifts others up with joyous optimism. Another friend actively supports unpopular action or thought, even that which might at first appear misguided; this friend withholds judgment and seeks no apologies. Another loves surprises. One touches my heart, gently and carefully. There is one who never seeks credit. I have a friend who sees to the core of disagreements and can justly be called a peacemaker. One is simple and true, always.  I have a friend who loves knowledge for its own sake. Another finds humor in all things. One friend challenges me.
I have a friend who always sees the flip side of things, turning things over, bringing up the less usual side for everyone to notice. One of my friends is brave. One is kind and good at hugs. One counts blessings and carries gratitude. I have a friend who is determined. Still another is authentic and real, without a shade of falseness or pretension. I have an artistic friend whose eye for beauty is magical. One is organized. I have a quiet, introspective friend whose occasional outburst surprises. One of my friends is wise. One is hospitable. Another lives and breathes with integrity. One friend affirms others. One is sweet and easy to be with.

Our friends are self effacing, but, in all their splendor, they are Incarnational.  They manifest the Divine. They are Divinity.  They show us the Holy One. They compose the Holy One. They point to the Source of Life and Light. They are one with the Source of Life and Light. How blessed are we are to be together, a part of the churning, ever expanding, dynamic of Creation, Companions in co-creating the journey here in Heaven, on Earth.

(c) copyright Lynn Kinlan - used with permission

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