Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Practical Midwifery for Shifting Paradigms" by Sibyl Dana Reynolds

"In the days, weeks, months, and dare I say…years to come…sacred midwifery will no doubt evolve, grow, and eventually the rebirth will be facilitated. The Sacred Feminine will return and the balance of feminine and masculine will be restored for the benefit of humankind. Women will once again be honored for our wisdom, creativity, and contribution to the whole. This is the vision I must hold dear in this time of darkness, chaos, and challenge.
I know many of you are also feeling called and you, too, are responding to the role of midwife for shifting paradigms. Let us join our hearts and minds to pray, co-create, and collaborate as we assist the rebirth of Sacred Feminine. Her delivery is past due, but the midwives have arrived…"

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