Monday, April 3, 2017

Adelinde Theresia Roitinger RCWP, One of Danube 7, Died on April 2, 2017, Tribute by Bishop Christine Mayr Lumetzberger RCWP

We mourn for our dear sister, aunt, friend and Roman Catholic Women Priest (Danube 7)
Adelinde Theresia Roitinger

Adelinde Theresia Roitinger

Theresia was born in 1938 in Upper Austria. At the age of 15, she joined the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters. There she received the Order's name, Sister Adelinde. After training and studies, she taught in the schools of the Franciscans. In various fields of activity she performed her duty with great joy and reliability. Her musicality and musical activity fulfilled the sentence "who sings, prays double" with life and sounds. She lived the Franciscan poverty ideals with strong conviction and could be exploited if it seemed pleasing to her.

She was intimate with her family and all her relatives. As a nun, unmarried and childless, Adelinde has been a familiar, educator and supporter to all family members. She has an important place in their hearts.
After her retirement, Adelinde took a prophetic path. She took leave of her monastery  and began to take an active part for the women in church and world. She could no longer accept words of injustice in the Roman Catholic Church and the society. She prepared herself for the priestly way and was ordained on 29 June 2002 as a Roman Catholic Women PriestDanube Seven“. The joy of the ministry was painfully affected by the exclusion from the sisters' community.

With her sister and nephew, she experienced many joys during her travels to relatives, but especially to Spain. She was grateful that she was still able to see and learn at her age.
Adelinde spent her last years in her "cloister cell" in the supervised house. This corresponded to her religious attitude and her attachment to St. Francis.
She bore her severe illness bravely and again and again with confidence. But she realized very clearly at the end of March that her strength for suffering had passed into the readiness to die. On the Passionssonntag, 2 April 2017, Adelinde went  well prepared to heaven.

We pray for Adelinde and all of us on Wednesday, April 12 at 2 pm at the funeral service in the parish church of Weibern (the village, where she was born in Upper Austria). Then we carry the urn with Adelindes ash to the grave.
Maria Meixner - sister in the name of all relatives
+Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger,  Roman Catholic Bishop


Charles Kundschier said...

May this wonderful Saint Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

What a brave spiritual woman who followed her heart and soul and was ordained on the Danube. That has opened the doors of ordination to women around the world who know that their own ordination has been passed through the direct line from a male bishop. Many have followed her footsteps, faced the derision, and are the pioneers of women priests everywhere. Many prayers and honor!