Tuesday, June 6, 2017


We have had the joy of concelebrating with different leaders of the Ecclesial Base Communities, CCC (Christian Peasant Communities), COMOSOC (Coalition of Movements and Social Organizations), a priest of the Priestly Fraternity, Fr Juan Carlos, an Anglican, Fr. Juan David, the MEP (Ecumenical Table for Peace, and ARCWP-APCR-Colombia (Association of Catholic Presbyters), came from different places, we had a total of 33 people, counting women and children.
We begin with the Vigil of Pentecost, continuing with the celebration of the Eucharist.
The readings of the day were the stimulus for prayer and shared reflection. It is not easy to share the experience that we have had, it has been something very deep, to live and to manifest the presence of the Spirit, enjoying it in our inner being, empowering us with his gifts.
It was impressive, the moment of sharing the Prayer of the Faithful, the memory of our martyred leaders, religioxs, laity, catechists, hear their names ... the presence in this celebration of Mr. Buitrago who has been a victim of state violence, His 6 children, have been murdered! The presence of displaced women from the countryside, with their children ...
The feeling of overthrowing the Tower of Babel, with the assistance of people in plurality and diversity, without distinction of classes, regions, ethnicities, gender, or creeds, making us look at one another and recognize ourselves in the DNA of the Unity in Christ, which humanizes and divinizes us.
Before feeling the power of the Spirit in the Eucharist, we could hear expressions like you are: "what I am living, it comes to me ...", "I feel touched ...", "what I am living and feeling, makes my floor move" ...
The moment of the First Communion of the young Milton. "I do not mind not having a new dress, or having a party, I want to receive the Eucharist." Milton and his father Peter, approach the altar. Peter gives communion to his son. Because he, as he has taken care of his son, giving him clothing, food, education and roof, it is he who, at home, has also taught him to take care of Christian faith and values. His example serves as a testimony and questions our commitment.
Headquarters of the Feminist-Antimilitarist Network
Making the motivation, telling those present, the reason for my presence as a female priest and inviting me to break distances, like the ones seen in the photo, between Heaven and Earth.
In the wake, saying to each of the participants: "Do not let your inner Light go out"
Symbolically, collecting among the participants: "What have you brought to present at the time of the Offertory?". I have nothing on my hands, but it seems like if ...
At the moment of the Consecration, the Community approaches the altar breaking the space that separated us, and all imposing their hands consecrate united.
Explaining to the Community, why Peter, will give First Communion to his son.

Peter, gives First Communion to his son, with all the expression of who has known how to take care of him and teach him about Faith and Christian values.
The elderly person among those present, a displaced woman and the Rev. John David are preparing to share the communion.
Mrs. Oliva, displaced peasant, receives Communion.
Mr. Buitrago, father of the 6 children killed, is about to receive communion.

We thank those present for having shared this celebration together. With the commitment to share plurality in diversity towards UNITY!
Here the group of women who enlivened the celebration with the songs of the Nicaraguan-
Then we shared a grape juice, and a bread that we have been given by the institutions that called us. It was a delight to see how the Community was taking part and taking the floor.
We came out dressed and full of the Holy Spirit:
"Let us go out with joy to the world, to proclaim the Gospel!"

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