Friday, June 9, 2017

"Women Deacons, Disney and Doors, Read What Jesuit Said in his first homily, America

"In March, Pope Francis told a German interviewer that he would stop by and visit one of the meetings of the commission. When the interviewer suggested that his presence would be seen as an encouragement, Francis responded: “The task of theology is to do research to get to the bottom of things, always.… We must not be afraid! Fear closes doors. Freedom opens them. And [even] if freedom is small, it opens at least a little window.”
In the many areas of church life, where are we free—or fearful? In what places do we need greater freedom to be effective ministers of the Gospel?
In his letter to the church in Corinth, Paul says, “The manifestation of the Spirit is given to each person for some benefit.” We must take this seriously. In order to fulfill its mission, the church needs the unique gifts the Spirit has given each person. No one is excluded: man or woman or child; black, brown or white; gay or straight or bi or transgender; clergy or lay; C.E.O. or service worker; Republican or Democrat or neither. What matters is that you are baptized priest, prophet and king. And the church and the world need your unique gifts
What are your unique gifts of the Spirit for the benefit of the church and the world?
At the Ordination Mass, the church pleaded, “Come, Holy Spirit.” The prayer is for all of us. When we are weak, “Come, Holy Spirit.” When we are lost, afraid or divided, “Come, Holy Spirit.”
In a few moments, we will call upon this Spirit to transform simple gifts of bread and wine. And to transform us. Jesus will come very close, to feed us, to free us. He will unlock doors, and he sends us to do the same."

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