Monday, June 12, 2017

COLOMBIA. GUARNE-ANTIOQUIA: "New creature is; Old things happened ". Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea ARCWP

"So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; Old things happened; Behold, all things are become new. "2 Corinthians 5:17.
Today I had a beautiful experience, worthy of sharing with all of you. I was invited by Gloria, whom I met at the Bordado a Mano Foundation (1) and Mrs. Ofelia, to a beautiful ceremony at the Rehabilitation Institute for Drug Addicts, a young couple, Maria Elizabeth and Daniel, who They left the Institute to reinsert themselves, their families and society.
Gloria, she had been a drug addict, too. Seeing her today totally recovered, giving her life, with her testimony to the rescue of these young people, has made me understand, that in order to carry the Gospel message I must put my neighbor's shoes, so that I can understand them, understand them and from their experience help them to move forward .
See, his dedication, his dedication, to each and every one of these young people, made me remember Christmas! That date when God has become human, the Emmanuel = God with us.
In the same attitude I saw Mrs. Ofelia, founder of the Institution, a widowed woman with three children. She and her whole family are also placed, not only the shoe of the neighbor to save the son, the brother, but many other brothers.
It is an institution for the integral human development, so in the ceremony, there were the families of the boys who receive there, a whole therapy, with discipline and much love.
While it is true that there is a whole team of professionals, the psychologist, social worker, chef, operator, human resources staff, all trained as therapists with a charism of humanity. By making the boys, themselves, their own therapists, rescuing their dignity, as daughters and sons of God. Elizabeth and Daniel rightly said to their companions, "1% is work of the therapeutic team, but 99% is our personal effort. It is not that you are not capable, but that you are incapable. "
They also said. "We have suffered, we have fought, with the therapeutic team, and with ourselves, but it was necessary, from seeing ourselves and helping each other."

The Team of Therapists before starting the ceremony.

In the shadow of God, who loves and protects me, announcing his Gospel in the Institute of development and human integration, in the population of Guarne-Antioquia.

Anointing the forehead and hands, with the oil, of dignity, reinserting the man and the new woman, who today, are reintegrated into the family and society. Welcome Daniel and Maria Elizabeth

We are divine spark, out of the love of God. At Baptism they gave us a light. Do not let go of your inner light and remember how important you are: image of God.

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  1. Foundation for the rehabilitation and reintegration into society of women who have just left prison.

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