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Unnamed Women by Jan L. Richardson

Unnamed Women
A prayer for the season of Pentecost
By Jan L. Richardson

We remember unnamed women, 
Ludmilla Javorová, (d. 1987) -
ordained a priest in the former
Soviet Union.

who wove the threads of history;
who gave to the world
their music, their labor,
their children, their struggle,
their art, their visions;
their laughter, their wisdom,
their words, their lives;
who survived in wars;
who died in death camps;
Who told the stories;
who made a way out of no way;
who gave life to women who do so still:
Who ministered as priests in the underground church in the former Soviet Union
- whose ordination is not recognized by the Catholic Church;
who fight for freedom in south Africa;
who pray for their missing children in El Salvador, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala;
who live with AIDS and other illnesses;
who work as healers, teachers, mothers,
laborers, community organizers;
who bear the cup of life;
who poured it out to heal the ground on which you stand;
who bid you taste and see
how good it is.

Come, Spirit of Memory,
and stir up in us
remembrance of all
who passed us this cup.

Thirsting for memory,
we cry out their names;
fill us, O Wind,
transform us, O Flame!

from Sacred Journeys: A Woman’s Book of Daily Prayer, p. 245

Read more about one of the “Unnamed Women: Ludmila Javorová” at

Ludmila Javorová, 65, Vicar-General of the underground Czech Bishop Felix Davidek(d.1987) in Brno, declares publicly for the first time: “Yes, I am a Catholic priest!”

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