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"The Girl of El Mozote, Christ Girl Consciousness"" by Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

*[There was] a girl on La Cruz who they had raped many times during the course of the afternoon, and through it all, while the other women of El Mozote had screamed and cried . . . this girl had sung hymns, strange evangelical songs, and she had kept right on singing, too, even after they had done what had to be done, and shot her in the chest. She had lain there  on La Cruz with blood flowing from her chest, and had kept on singing--a bit weaker than before, but still singing. And the soldiers, stupefied, had watched and pointed. Then they had grown tired of the game and shot her again, and she sang still, and their wonder began to turn to fear--until finally they had unsheathed their machetes and hacked through her neck, and at last the singing stopped."
New York Times 1994

The Girl of El Mozote, Christ Girl Consciousness 

Like a lone cry in the night
at a funeral that never ends,
misogyny's pain descends,
virile and grotesque,
upon my heart again. 

Swiftly, though, Light prowls
to avert hate,
and silence the dirge,
illuminating the waters 
where I sit in my soul. 

My sun-warmed legs
dangle in ocean waves,
where Sophia speaks,
deep to deep,
echoing Her cosmic reach. 

Upon my thighs stands
the girl of El Mozote,
her spirit billows like a sail,
eternal is her glide.
Wisdom is the wind,
in the life of the girl. 

The girl of El Mozote,
with hymns to defy evil,
and songs that frighten men,
is alive and free,
at the center of the sea. 

Momentous is the breakthrough 
of the skies of my soul,
to swing open my heart,
for the risen girl of Mozote. 

Clouds open, Light falls,
a dazzling appearance
of women circle round;
voices for the beloved girl. 

Hildegard sings, of green
Ruth, of harvest
Joan, of courage
Esther, of freedom
Teresa, of union.

Ancient hymns surround 
the girl of El Mozote,
perched on the lap
of maternal love.
Against Wisdom,
evil does not prevail. 

Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

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