Saturday, April 28, 2018


I share with you a beautiful pastoral experience in my ministry as a presbyter. An experience in Casa-Iglesia.
Last night, I was invited to be a witness, of the blessing of love, of a couple. We met at the home of grandmother Tulia and grandfather Bernardo, they gathered their family; their children, grandchildren, cousins, brothers-in-law, sons-in-law and nephews.
The liturgy, songs, readings and the altar, all arranged by the children of the couple who wanted to celebrate their love, as a family. The idea came out of the children and this reminded me of the story of a girl (Maria Carolina) who, looking at the family album, starts crying, they ask her what happened? She responds by looking at the photos of her father and mother's marriage: "Why, they did not invite me?" ...
They are the children, those who hold love in the family. Not one, not two, but you must always be renewing the blessing of love, between couples. Juan Esteban and Alvaro, (children) have been the promoters of this beautiful occurrence.

The laity, they fixed the table ...

I share with the attendees, why I am a presbyterate woman and I speak about our Movement. I make the motivation for the development of the celebration.

Juan Esteban motivates and sings. Alvaro plays the organeta. The children Juan José and Emiliano, do not bother us in the celebration, they also celebrate.

"Purify, O God, our lips and heart to proclaim your Word worthily and honestly"

Alvaro, layman, reads us the Holy Gospel.

The assistants share the homily, in a dialogue. ""You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become insipid, with what will it become salty again? "Matthew 5:13

The children Emiliano and Juan José bring the rings, to bless and deliver the couple.

Surprise!!! "Ramiro: help him, do not leave her alone". Those rings were very well tied, with a strong knot, both have to unite their skills to unleash them: "in the face of problems, they must always be solved together". It was the message that the Community wanted to give to Fanny and Ramiro.

We make the offering of bread and wine. At the moment of consecration all the assistants repeat with me the words of the consecration and extend their hands over the bread and wine. The toys, the children have placed them on the table ...

Ramiro surprises us at the end of the celebration with some beautiful songs and we continue to sing and celebrate the blessing of love.
I thank the Divinity, the Meneses Ramirez family, Mrs. Tulia, Don Bernardo, all the attendees and especially Juan Esteban for having invited me to share with family this note of blessing of love, which is so much needed in the families

* Roman Catholic Presbyter.

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