Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Gone Astray" by John Chuchman, My Response

 I agree with John that at the  heart of all ministry, (ordained and non-ordained) is spiritual transformation.  Our Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Constitution states:   "All of life is sacrament, a sign of God’s presence that reflects our holiness as co-creators in the community of life. Through conscious awareness and committed activism, we work for a more just, peaceful and egalitarian church and world where all beings thrive together.  As members of the Community of the Baptized, we are aware that the entire church celebrates sacraments. We preside at sacramental liturgies in inclusive, empowered, egalitarian communities where all are welcome to experience God’s extravagant love. " 
Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP, www.arcwp.org

Upper Room Inclusive Community Celebrates Liturgy Around Table in Albany. New York

"Gone Astray"
In the Early Church,
the primary role of leaders/ministers
was Community formation, nurturing, and growth.

Table liturgies
were held in homes, etc.
with the host/hostess
generally in charge of the meal/celebration.

There was no necessary link/mandate
between community leadership
and conducting the home liturgies.

the primary role
of Ordained Clergy
seems centered on
Officiating at the table liturgies,
removed from the homes of the faithful
into official buildings,
with little, if any,
time or energy or interest
in forming, nurturing, or growing

Instead of helping to transform people,
Church ministry is focused on transforming bread.

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