Monday, May 7, 2018

Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP: What I Want the World to Know About My Call to Priesthood

Bridget Mary Meehan:ARCWP I made this video for the Women's Ordination Project below and encourage Catholic Women Called to Ordination to submit a video to the Women's Ordination Conference for this great project. Let us share from the depths of our souls the joy and hope of this call to serve vibrant faith communities and renew the Church in the 21st century., Women Called

We know that Catholic women are called by God and by their communities: called to priesthood, to equality, and to full participation in the life of the Church.
We also know that too often, their call remains untold, dismissed, or rejected.
That’s why Women’s Ordination Worldwide and Women’s Ordination Conference are launching Catholic Women Called – a new video storytelling series of women who are called to priesthood. Whether ordained, on the path to ordination, or living with the tension of one’s call within the institutional Church, women long to share the truth of their vocation with the world.
Watch and share our introductory video here: 

We know these women, we walk with these women, we are these women. And we want to hear from you!  If you are a woman called to priesthood, please consider sharing a short video with us finishing this sentence: What I want the world to know about my call to priesthood…

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