Saturday, May 12, 2018

"To Be A Peacemaker" by Sr. Joan Chittister

"In times of great personal and social upheaval, real peacemakers, genuine bridge-builders, do four things:

First, they tap into their own deepest spiritual self and recommit to the higher values that shine in them there.

Second, they speak kindly to the other at all times. No name-calling, no threats, no ultimatums, no personal judgments.

Third, they articulate their own values, goals, concerns and hopes clearly and calmly.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, they listen carefully to the issues and commitments that impel and motivate the other, looking for desires that are common to both sides.

Then, and only then can we say that we are honestly committed to working together for the common good. Only then can we call ourselves peacemakers. Never before have we needed this kind of common commitment so badly. Honesty, clarity, kindness and wisdom are the key to a just future. Maybe it’s time for us to form uncommon groups of unlike minds using these simple guidelines as a way forward."

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