Friday, June 8, 2018

Photos and Story of Historical Ordinations of Blanca Azucenan ARCWP and Maria Teresa Martinez Maldonado ARCWP in Colombia, South America by Bishop Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP on June 2, 2018


Preparing for the ceremony.

We prepare to enter in procession to the celebration.

Ready to enter the ceremony: Lucero Arias (left) Blanca Azucena (right).

I have an ornament for my aunt Blanca Azucena. I, too, want to be a presbyter like her.

Professor Luz Cenit, who acts as Master of Ceremonies, greets the community and the ceremony begins.

Adriana Lizcano and her friend entertained us with the ceremony, with the Colombo-Nicaraguan mass, with its hype, guitars and beautiful voice.

They accompany me in the celebration Blanca Cecilia y Lucero

"May your lips and your heart proclaim the Gospel worthily and honestly": Maria Teresa reads us the Gospel

Imposing the hands of Maria Teresa.

Imposition of hands to Blanca Azucena.

Mrs. Graciela imposes her hands on Blanca Azucena.

Zaida, imposes hands on Blanca Azucena.

A student imposes her hands on Blanca Azucena, her teacher.

Our Anglican brothers, solidarity and support presence impose their hands (Bishop José María González and his Vicar.

"I'm ready"

"We are ready," the new presbyteries respond.

Introducing the new candidates to the Community. The People of God burst into applause!

On the altar in the celebration of the Eucharist, explaining before communion, why the celebrants will be the last to receive communion.

The new presbyteries distributing communion.

Oscar, the nephew of Blanca Azucena and Maria Teresa, celebrates ordinations, embracing them.

Celebrating the ordinations, blessing and praising God for his presence among us.

Family, and friends all want to pose with them.

Celebrating happy, relatives of Blanca Azucena, with the two small future presbiteras. Mom, dad and brother, united to the People of God, support you.

Friends and family, in special ways Rosarito, support us.

The celebration is not over ... Blanca Cecilia invites us all to lunch.

After lunch, already at home, with the friend and brother Heliodoro Cáceres, who has come from Málaga, shares our joy of being servants within the Church for the Kingdom of God.
* Roman Catholic Presbyter.

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