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APRIL and MAY SCHEDULES for Castle Otttis and Inclusive Catholic Ministries on Palm Coast, Florida with Miriam Picconi ARCWP and Wanda Russell ARCWP

Left to right Miriam Picconi ARCWP and Wanda Russell ARCWP
Saturday, APRIL 13 PALM SUNDAY CELEBRATION at 4:00 PM at 2 Westmill Ln., Palm Coast, FL 32164
Hospitality follows.  Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert if you like.

APRIL 18, HOLY THURSDAY, at 7:15 PM and APRIL 19 GOOD FRIDAY at 3:00 PM or 7:15 PM at 2 Westmill Ln., Palm Coast.
Call Miriam Picconi, 386-569-7311 to see what time we will gather for Good Friday.

Easter Sunday, April 21 at 10:00 AM there will be an INCLUSIVE Interfaith Worship and Communion Service
at Castle Otttis located at 103 3rd Street, St. Augustine, 32084.  Due to limited parking area, please carpool.
Sorry, there are no handicap facilities.  Please dress according to weather.  No air conditioning or heating.
To help us celebrate EASTER, if you are able, we invite you to bring a lilly or other favorite Easter flower to the Easter service to make our worship area more celebratory.  You may take it home with you and gift it to a family member or friend. 
For additional information call Miriam Picconi, 386-569-7311 or e-mail at
For information about the castle and directions, go to  

Saturdays, APRIL 27, May 4 and May 25 at 4:00 PM at the Church located at the Great Outdoors RV and Golf Resort.
125 Plantation Dr., Titisville, FL 32780.  All are welcome to the Table!  
If you or someone you know are traveling in the area, join the St. Christopher Community 
for Mass any Saturday.   Just tell the person at the gate that you are going to the church.

Sunday, April 28 at 10:00 AM there will be INCLUSIVE Interfaith Worship and Communion Services at Castle Otttis.   See location information, etc  above.

Wednesdays, May 1 and 15 at 7:15 PM at 2 Westmill Ln., Palm Coast.

Saturday, MAY 11 at 4:00 PM at 2 Westmill Ln., Palm Coast, FL 32164
Hospitality follows.  Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert if you like.


MAY 16, Wanda's shoulder replacement.  Please pray.

Sunday, MAY 26 at 10:00 AM there will be INCLUSIVE Interfaith Worship and Communion Services at Castle Otttis.   See location information, etc  above.

Dear Faith Family,

Lent is passing as quickly as it came!  We still have a couple weeks in which to reconcile with that person with whom you had a difficult time in the past.  If you have not yet contacted them, I encourage you to trust our loving God to be with you when you connect.  God just wants to love us and to have all her/his creations love each other.  What a wonderful world that will be!  Our loving Creator will give you the words to say.  TRUST.

And I trust that I really will have my shoulder replacement May 16.  It will be easier to relate and empathize with the pain Jesus experienced for me since my shoulder continues to hurt. (Though the pain is more endurable with the whole natural medication I am taking.)  Let us each think of a time we were, or are, in pain as we live through Holy Week.  Let's reflect on a time when we were misunderstood as Jesus was on Holy Thursday, Passover.  The disciples, women and men, did not understand Jesus' words as he called them to ..."eat his body... drink his blood...."  They did not understand why Jesus asked to "...have this cup taken away..."  By now Jesus knew what to expect.  The church and political leaders wanted him killed and out of the picture because Jesus did not support all the Laws.  Jesus stood for peace and harmony and allowing the Creator to have her/his way.  Jesus stood for love transcending all truth and laws.  God was calling for peace among all God's people and the church leaders and politicians had their own agendas.  (Very much like today.)  Jesus even went through his emotional pain alone since his disciples fell asleep.  They had no idea what Jesus would experience or they would have kept watch with him.  Can we spend a little time with Jesus during this Holy Week?

Jesus was arrested, tortured, mocked and humiliated for his beliefs.  Then, on Good Friday, he was killed in the most painful and humiliating way possible at the time.  Jesus was crucified.  Jesus offered the pain he experienced for each of us.  It is now our time to offer our pain, humiliation, our very lives for love of each other and love of our compassionate God.  It is time to make our actions and in-actions redemptive for all God's creations - even those with whom we have not spoken with in years.  It is time for us to love unconditionally.  Only unconditional love will heal our country and our world.  

Only unconditional love will bring Resurrection Power into our lives.  That power which Jesus gives to each of his creations.  We need to grab onto it.  Use it!  Share it with those whom God brings into our lives.  Resurrection Power touches people in only positive ways and we can trust the power we have been given.  We usually forget it after our Easter celebration is over; but I believe we MUST NOT forget the power God has given to each of us.  Power to love.  Power to forgive.  Power to heal.  Power to accept others even when we don't agree with their beliefs.  Power to experience peace and joy even in the midst of difficulties.  Such Power comes from our compassionate creator to each of us to be used for others.  May we be open to be used.

We hope you will spend some quality time with our loving God.  Know we pray for you and your heart's desire.  Join us for worship if you can.  If you cannot, please keep our ministries in your prayer.  We strive to lift up the love of God.  Help us to discern the best way we can do that.

Much love and peace to each of you and your families.

Happy Easter!!!


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