Monday, April 8, 2019

"Holy Sophia and Her Child" by Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

My darling

                 girl Leap!

from the church cornerstone

that freezes you,

from the artifact

that conceals you.

My darling

               girl Spring!

                        into the arms

                                   of Mother Wisdom.

My darling

               girl Shimmy!

                        through My canopy.

My darling

                girl Feel!

                          our unfathomable rootedness.

My darling

                girl Swing!

                           on My boldest branch.

My darling

               girl Laugh!

                          and emit our fragrances.

My darling

              girl Be Swathed!

                     in My royal green,

                                earth and spirit

                                          caressing your Skin!

Child of earth


                              bliss in My birdsongs.

Child of heaven


                            jewels of the Holy.


My darling

                 We See!

                           as One.

                  We Listen!

                           as One.

                   We Speak!

                           as One.

Darkness will never separate
Wisdom and Her Child. 

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