Thursday, April 18, 2019


Click on link here to COPY Quick View Slides to your download file:  Holy Thursday, The Ultimate Revolution

Holy Thursday Rev picBeatrice Bruteau, in her book, THE HOLY THURSDAY REVOLUTION details two Jesus events that were and still are revolutionary challenges to the prevailing domination paradigm:
  • Washing the Feet of His Followers…where masters and lords are the ones to be served by “lower caste” in the domination paradigm.
  • Sharing Bread and Cup, His Whole Personhood in Loving Communion of Equals…WITH those who considered themselves as less than their Teacher.
These two events were each strong statements and symbolic signs that the long-held paradigm of inequality and domination was repudiated, that is, no longer to be held as God’s Will.
For this lifetime breaking of the domination paradigm, Jesus was crucified and for this he rose again in the Jesus’ Movement that all generations may know… THAT THE WAY OF GOD IS COMMUNION, NOT THE DOMINATION OF INEQUALITY.   For this, many after Jesus have been “crucified and risen again and again” over the centuries in order that the Communion Paradigm of All People may not perish from this earth.

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