Friday, May 10, 2019

Women’s Ordination Conference Response to Pope Francis On Women Deacons

Earlier today, Pope Francis handed a copy of the report from the study commission on women deacons to the 850 religious of the UISG with the comment: "I cannot make a sacramental decree [on women deacons] without a theological, historical foundation."

The "theological, historical foundation" exists in abundance, thanks to the work of scholars like Dr. Phyllis Zagano, Dr. Gary Macy, Dr. Dorothy Irvin, Dr. Hans Wijngaards, Sr. Christine Schenk, and others. Holding women deacons to an impossible standard of historical consistency that is not used for other elements of our tradition is out of line with the essentially Catholic belief in development of doctrine.

Women have been protagonists in the history of our faith since the time of the Gospels. We do not need to prove our sacramentality. The ability of our bodies to manifest revelation is not up for debate.

And while we welcome study that leads to conversation and openness to where the Spirit is calling the Church, we will not wait for further evidence for what we already know: Women are called by God and their communities to be deacons and priests.

This Sunday (May 12) marks Vocations Sunday, the day that the institutional Church, above all, prays for men to hear and respond to their call to the diaconate, priesthood, or religious life.

We invite you to mark this day with WOC by making your voice and vocation heard at one of the many witnesses planned across the U.S., U.K., and Austria. Write letters to the editors. Post on social media. Stand outside your Church (or in it - and claim your space!). We know our herstory and we don't need their misogynistic fiction.

Together, we represent the living truth and the hope of the Church.

Please help us keep speaking that truth loudly with a donation to WOC. Your support and activism are critical to our uncompromising movement for women's ordination and equality.  

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