Sunday, July 10, 2022

ARCWP Retreat Liturgy- July 10, 2022

ARCWP Retreat Liturgy- July 10, 2022

Together on our Journey: Remembering, Celebrating and Dreaming

Miriam Picconi: Welcome 

Opening Song: Courageous Women by Jan Novotka, video by MT Streck

Miriam Picconi: We begin our liturgy in the name of our Creator, the Source of all being, and of the Son, eternal Word, and of the Holy Spirit, Sophia Wisdom.

ALL:  Amen.

Rite of Transformation:

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger: 

We pause now to remember the times we have not born fruit in caring for self and others. Take a moment to recall one missed opportunity, one broken or damaged relationship.  

(Pause briefly and extend your hand over your heart)

All: As we ask for and receive forgiveness, we open our hears to Infinite Love embracing and healing us. 

Let it be so, Yes, Alleluia!

Glory to God by Marty Haugen and video by Bridget Mary Meehan and Mary Theresa Streck

Refrain: Glory to God in the highest,

Glory to God in the highest,

Glory to God in the highest,

And peace to God’s people on earth!

We sing praises to you, 

God of life, God of wonder,

Hearts filled with joy, 

Let our voices be thunder. Ref

Sing to Jesus, the Christ,

Word of life to the nations,

Raised up in glory

As our hope of salvation. Ref

In the Spirit we come

For the feast and the stories,

Speaking of God

In the pain and the glory. Ref (2x)

Opening Prayer: 

Gerry Lococo: Holy One, we gather today in thanksgiving.  We are grateful to be part of the grand and glorious flow of creation stretching from eternity to eternity, the ever-evolving story of being that is you, and us, and everything that ever existed or ever will exist.  We stand today to claim our part, sprung from our past and pulling us toward our future, in the work of creation to which we are called. We are committed to our prophetic justice movement that ordains women in the Roman Catholic Church to foster a future where the full equality of women in the Church is a reality. This is our moment.  In your name we rise to it.  Amen.

Liturgy of the Word

Jim Marsh: 

Exodus 3:1-15 

Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian. Leading flock deep into the wilderness, Moses came to Horeb, the mountain of God.

The messenger of God appeared to Moses in a blazing fire from the midst of a thornbush Moses saw- “The bush ablaze with fire, and yet it isn’t consumed!” Moses said, “let me go over and look at this remarkable sight- and see why the bush doesn’t burn up!”

When God saw Moses coming to look more closely, God called out to him from midst of the bush: “Moses, Moses!”

Moses answered, “I am here.”

God said, “Come no closer!” Remove the sandals from your feet for the place where you stand is holy ground!”

“I am the God of your ancestors,” the voice continued, “the God of Sarah and Abraham, the God of Rebecca and Isaac, the God of Leah and Rachel and Jacob!”

Moses hid his face, afraid to look at the Holy One.

Then God said, “I have seen the affliction of my people in Egypt: I have heard their cries under those who oppress them: I have felt their sufferings. Now I have come down to rescue them from the hand of Egypt, out of their place of suffering and bring them to a place that is wide and fertile, a land flowing with mild and honey-the land of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and Jobusites. The cry of the children of Israel has reached me, and I have watched how the Egyptians are oppressing them. Now, go! I will send you to Pharaoh to bring my people, the children of Israel m out of Egypt.’

But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and lead the children of Israel out of Egypt?”

God answered, “I will be with you, and this is the sign by which you. Will know that it is I who have sent you:after you bring my people out of Egypt, you will all worship at this very mountain.”

But, Moses said, “when I go the children of Israel and say to them, “The God your ancestors has sent me to you,” if they ask me, “What is this God’s name?’ what am I to tell them?”

God replied, “I AM AS I AM: This is what you will tell the Israelites: “I AM has sent me to you.”

God spoke further to Moses: Tell the children of Israel” God, the “I Am” the God of your ancestors, the God of Sarah and Abraham, of Rebecca and Isaac, of Leah and Rachel and Jacob, has sent me to you.” This is my Name forever, this is the name you are to remember for all generations.

These inspired words are from the Torah and we affirm them by saying: Thanks be to God.

Response Psalm You have Anointed me

Dennis McDonald:Alleluia : 

Rose Gordyan: Gospel: John 1:1-14

A reading from the Gospel of John:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was in God’s presence, and the Word was God. 

The Word was present to God from the beginning.

Through the Word, all things came into being and apart from the Word, nothing came into being that has come into being. 

In the Word was life, and that life was humanity’s light – a light that shines in the darkness, a  light that the darkness has never overtaken.

Then came one named John, sent as an envoy from God, who came as a witness to testify about the light, so that through his testimony everyone might believe.

He, himself, wasn’t the light, he only came to testify about the light – the true light that illumines all humankind.

The Word was coming into the world - was in the world – and though the world was made through the Word, the world did not recognize it.

Though the Word came to its own realm, the Word’s own people didn’t accept it. 

Yet, any who did accept the Word, who believed in that name, were empowered to become children of God – children born not of natural descent, nor urge of flesh, nor human will – but born of God.


And the Word became flesh and stayed for a little while among us; we saw the Word’s glory – the favor and position given an only child – filled with grace, filled with truth. 

John testified by proclaiming, “This is the One I was talking about when I said, ‘The One who comes after me ranks ahead of me for this One existed before I did.’”

(Inclusive Bible)

These are the inspired words of the Gospel writer known as John and we affirm them by saying: Thanks be to God.

Homily: Dawn Hutchings

Statement of Faith 

Jim Marsh and All:

We believe in one God, a divine mystery 

beyond all definition and rational understanding, 

the heart of all that has ever existed, 

that exists now, or that ever will exist. 

We believe in Jesus, messenger of God's Word, 

bringer of God's healing, heart of God's compassion, 

bright star in the firmament of God's  

prophets, mystics, and saints.


We believe that We are called to follow Jesus 

as a vehicle of God's love, 

a source of God's wisdom and truth, 

and an instrument of God's peace in the world. 

We believe in the Holy Spirit, 

the life of God that is our innermost life, 

the breath of God moving in our being, 

the depth of God living in each of us. 

We believe that God's kin-dom is here and now, 

stretched out all around us for those 

with eyes to see it, hearts to receive it, 

and hands to make it happen.

Rose Gorydan : Prayers for the Community

And we bring to this table our blessings, cares and concerns. please feel free to voice your intentions beginning with the words “I bring to the table….”   

[end with]   We pray for these and all unspoken intentions. Amen.

Liturgy of the Eucharist

Instrumental music by Phil Coulter

Preparation Of the Gifts

Miriam Picconi: Blessed are You, Holy One, through Your divine providence we have this bread, to share, the Bread of Life. 

All: Blessed are You, Holy One, forever.  

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger:  Blessed are You, O Loving  One through Your divine providence we have this wine to share, our spiritual drink. 

All: Blessed are, You, Holy One, forever.

Gerry Lococo:  Nurturing One, we are united in this sacrament by the love of Christ, whose presence we are as we proclaim the liberating power of your Spirit Sophia, in our humanity and divinity, calling us to build the unity of Love in a more compassionate and just world.  All:  Amen.

                                            Eucharistic Prayer


Jill Striebinger:  Our God is with you.

All:  And also with you. 

Jill Striebinger: Lift up your hearts.

All: We lift them up to our God.

Jill Striebinger: Let us give thanks to our loving God.

All: It is right to give God thanks and praise.

Miriam Picconi: All-loving and ever-living God beyond all imagining, we give You thanks for the gift of awareness that allows us to recognize Your presence and action in our universe. Everything we have, everything we see, everything we do, everyone we love and everyone who loves us, reveals Your sustaining presence.  We thank You for Your presence which animates life and all that exists.  

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger: You express yourself in human life and through us you sing and dance, speak and write, love and create.  In this we never cease to hope, and for this we always thank and praise You.  We join with the saints of all times and places as they sing forever to Your glory: 

All: Holy Holy Holy by Karen Drucker (video by Denise Hackert-Stoner)

We are holy, holy, holy

We are holy, holy, holy

We are holy, holy, holy

We are whole.


Spirit divine, come to me

Feeling love, healing me

Open my heart; allow me to see

Beauty and love, lives in me

You are holy, holy, holy

You are holy, holy, holy

You are holy, holy, holy

You are whole.

Gerry Lococo: Loving God, we live and move and have our being in You. We give thanks for those throughout history who have affirmed your loving presence and moved your people to give witness.  They have witnessed to your presence in lives characterized by love, mercy, compassion, generosity and forgiveness.


Jill Striebinger: We thank you for Jesus, who loved so greatly, taught so clearly, and proclaimed so courageously.  He set people free from images, ideas and religious practices that bound them in fear and a false sense of separation from you. Through Jesus, we know our loving actions become a share in your life.  In Jesus, we see your Spirit challenging us to make your presence more visible on earth.


Miriam Picconi: We thank You for Your Spirit of life and love among us. We are grateful that Your Spirit sets us free to discover your presence within us and in all of creation.  And for this we thank and praise You.  

Miriam Picconi: (addressing the assembly) I invite you, the People of God, to extend your hands and pray with me:

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger and All: Loving God, your Spirit fills this bread, this cup, and all gathered today.  They, and we, are the Body and Blood of Jesus the Christ.  It is your presence that makes us and all of creation whole and holy.  

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger and All: We remember that on the night before he died, while at supper with his friends, Jesus took the Bread, spoke the blessing, broke the bread and offered it them saying: Take and eat, this is my body.



Gerry Lococo and All: When supper was ended, Jesus took the cup of wine, spoke the blessing and offered it to them saying: Take and drink of the covenant made new again through my life in you. Do this in memory of me.


Deacon Ann Latour: Let us proclaim the mystery of faith.


Deacon Ann Latour and All: Nurtured by your Word, nourished by your food, called anew to be your people, we acclaim your praise.

Miriam Picconi: Loving God, through Jesus You entrusted this pledge of love to us.  We celebrate the memory of his life, death and resurrection, and bring to You the gifts You have given us: reconciliation, justice, and peace. You fill us with Your Spirit in the sharing of this meal. You keep us in communion with one another and with all living beings. Your Spirit makes us a sign of unity, a model of equality and instruments of Your peace.


Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger: Inspire our leaders, both religious and political, so that they act without fear to bring your justice. May they become peacemakers who transform your church and society so that all living beings and our planet may thrive.

Gerry Lococo: You have gathered us around this table in friendship, with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the apostles, and all the saints. May all who are suffering in any way be strengthened and consoled by your Presence. You bless all who have gone before us and bring them into the lasting joy and peace of your presence.


Jill Striebinger: You gather together women, men and children of every race, language, religion and way of life to share in your one, eternal banquet. In your presence, we give you glory with all creation and with Jesus through whom your goodness flows.


Presiders lift cup and plate

Jill Striebinger and All: Through Christ, with Christ, in Christ in the unity of the Holy Spirit, may all glory and honor be Yours, all-loving God, forever and ever. 

Dennis McDonald and All: Great Amen 

Prayer of Jesus

Miriam Picconi: Let us pray together the prayer that Jesus taught us: 

All:  O Holy One, who is within, around and among us,

We celebrate your many names.

Your Wisdom come.

Your will be done, unfolding from the depths within us,

Each day you give us all we need;

You remind us of our limits, and we let go.

You support us in our power, and we act with courage.

For you are the dwelling place within us, 

the empowerment around us,

and the celebration among us, now and forever.  Amen  

(Miriam Therese Winter)   

Sign of Peace

Deacon Rosemary Robinson:  Jesus said to his disciples, “My peace I leave you.  My peace I give you.”  

Deacon Elaine Phaff: We send peace and love to all our sisters and brothers everywhere  especially those suffering loss from violence and war.


Deacon Ann Latour:  As we share our joy, let us share God’s abundant peace. Please share a sign of peace.


Deep Peace by Sara Thomsen, Video photos by Scott Stoner and Denise Hackert -Stoner


Gerry Lococo: Please join in praying the prayer for the breaking of the bread:

All: Loving God, You call us to live the Gospel of peace and justice. 

           We will live justly.   

Loving God, You call us to be Your presence in the world.  

We will love tenderly.

Loving God, You call us to speak truth to power.  

We will walk with integrity. 

Presiders lift bread.

Jill Striebinger: This is the Bread of Life. How blessed are we who are called to this Table.

All: Jesus, you affirm our worthiness and by your word, we will heal the world. 

Communion Song: 

Gather the Dreamers  by Kathy Sherman, Music by Denise Hackert -Stoner

Woman Spirit by Karen Drucker-(video by Donna Panaro)

Prayer After Communion

Miriam Picconi: Nourished by the fond memories we shared on this retreat, the friendships we renewed and the sacred meals we ate, we go forth with gratitude in our hearts for our prophetic movement begun by seven courageous women on the Danube in 2002. 

Christine Mayr Lumetzberger: We go forth with gratitude for all the members of ARCWP and RCWP. We go forth, to dream new dreams of liberating justice, spiritual transformation and Gospel inclusivity. 


Deacon Ann Latour: May God bless you with discomfort...
at easy answers, hard hearts, 
half-truths, and superficial relationships. 
May God bless you so that you may live 
from deep within your heart
where God's Spirit dwells.

Deacon Rosemary Robinson: May God bless you with anger...
at injustice, oppression, 
and exploitation of people.
May God bless you so that you may 
work for justice, freedom, and peace.

Deacon Elaine Phaff: May God bless you with tears
to shed for those who suffer from pain,
rejection, starvation and war. 
May God bless you so that you
may reach out your hand
to comfort them and turn their pain into joy.

Miriam Picconi: May God bless you with 
enough foolishness 
to believe that you can make a difference 
in this world, in your neighborhood, 
so that you will courageously try 
what you don't think you can do, but,
in Jesus Christ you'll have all the strength necessary.

Christine Mayr Lumetzberger: May God bless you to fearlessly
speak out about injustice, 
unjust laws, corrupt politicians,
unjust and cruel treatment of prisoners,
and senseless wars, genocides, starvations, and poverty that is so pervasive.

Gerry Lococo: May God bless you that you remember 
we are all called
to continue God's work
of love and healing 
in God's place, in and through God's name,
in God's Spirit, continually creating
and breathing new life and grace
into everything and everyone we touch.

Jill Striebinger: May God bless you as you go forth to proclaim the teachings and to live according to the example of Jesus to co-create inclusive empowered communities and ministries where all are loved and all are equal. 

All Deacons: Go in peace to live the dream!

ALL:  Thanks be to God.  Let it be so! Alleluia! 

Closing Song: Sing a New Church

(Blessing adapted from  "Troubadour: A Missionary Magazine," published by the Franciscan Missionary Society, Liverpool, UK: Spring 2005)

Special thanks to Liturgical Ministers: Presiders: Miriam Picconi, Christine Mayr- Lumetzberger, Gerry Lococo, Jill Striebinger, Ann Latour, Rosemary Robinson, Elaine Phaff, Readers: Jim Marsh, Rose Gorydan,

Musician: Dennis McDonald 

IT Team- Mary Theresa Streck, Dennis McDonald, 

Environment and Coordinator of Logistics- Peg Bowen

Liturgy Planning Team: Irene Scaramazza, Denise Hackert- Stoner and Bridget Mary Meehan

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